5 Tips to Maximise Your Rental Property Listing

6th June 2022

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5 Tips to Maximise Your Rental Property Listing

When you're peparing to list a rental property, presentaion is key. These tips from the Rodgers Residential lettings team may help you show your rental in its best light... 

1. First impressions 

When potential tenants come to view your property, what's the very first thing they notice when they step through the door? Is it the beautiful hanging baskets or the broken door handle? The first impressions will set the tone for the whole vieiwng, so make sure it's a good one. 

2. Decor 

Think neutral tones, no clutter, minimal and impersonal, this will give potential tenants the freedom to imagine their own style and items in the space. You will still want to make the property look as appealing as possible, so still leave enough items to give a homely, welcoming feel. 

3. Best features 

It is important to promote your properties best features, whether it’s interesting period architecture, open fire places, a large driveway or an abundance of wardrobe space, take special care to accentuate your property's best features. Show off all the oppertunites the property has, like putting a patio set in the garden to show how lovely Sunday brunch could be out there.

Also, let the Photographer and the Valuer know would like to focus on these features, so they can promote them too and make sure they are mentioned in the property ad.

4. Set the scene

Got an empty corner? Stage it to help market the property. Setting up a desk can draw in the WFH crowd. Lettings Manager James Rodgers said, “We’ve seen this work wonders for our corporate clients, who tend to have higher budgets. Even if they want their employees to primarily work in the office, they’re looking for rentals with room where their employees can set up a laptop at home, so it’s a great idea to set up a potential workspace.”

Setting the scene is important, not just for extra space, but for your property’s best feature – draw attention to that lovely kitchen island with a decorative bowl of fruit or fold a fluffy blanket in a basket beside the feature fireplace.

5. Professional Photography 

In an article by the Wall Street Journal, listings with professional photos were said to have around 61% more viewings. Good photography gets people through the door, so we suggest you hire a professional. Or, if you’ve instructed Rodgers Residential to rent your property, you’ll have the fantastic Rodgers Residential Photography Team on your side.

Be clear with the photographers about those best features you want to promote, and ask that they be prioritised in the property ad. It is frustrating to see a beautiful balcony only crop up in the 10th photo, especially when photos 4-7 were of an empty spare room. You’ll also need a good photo of the outside of the property. However, like with the interior photos, set the scene first – wheelie bins and dead plants do not sell the space.

Our team take premium photos for landlords and sellers, which makes all the difference when marketing a home. Good photography shows properties in their best light, highlights what makes each place unique and guides tenants and buyers to homes they’ll love. Get in touch with us to learn how we can market your property.